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Enterprise mobility & automation on top of (legacy) core systems

To keep up with competition and deliver a good experience for their employees, enterprises must find ways to improve productivity and reduce manual steps. Taking away the need for employees don’t need to sign into different core systems to complete a task.

Rappit Composer enables you to quickly create single purpose mobile apps and integrate them smoothly with your (legacy) enterprise systems. You can leave the core systems untouched while providing enterprise mobility features to your business users in hours. Provide your employees with an alternative way to easily complete a process from a single app on their mobile. Without having to sign in to different systems.

Mobile apps build with Rappit Composer

Employee onboarding app
Employee onboarding app screenshot (1)
Warranty claim app
Warranty claim app screenshot
Lease app
Lease app screenshot
Change request app
Change request app screenshot
Expense management app
Expense management app screenshot

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