Rapidly modernizing a business-critical legacy application for 850 stores

Hunkemöller needed to modernize an advanced legacy application, originally developed in 2011. Using Rappit Developer, the application was rapidly rebuilt and extended on Google Cloud. This resulted in a modern, future-proof solution that provides a consistent retail experience for 850 international stores, with a Return On Investment of 1 year.

year to realize return on investment
more economical development
week to deliver first application module prototype

Their challenges

  • A business-critical application: The “Store Information Database” is the single application managing all store information, displays and in-store campaigns. The app is integrated to backend systems like SAP, and is also used by external users with integrations to e.g. Google Maps for each store’s location and opening hours.
  • Legacy technology: Underlying Drupal 7 technology of existing custom developed solution reached end-of-life, posing risks to continuity and security.


  • No off-the-shelf solution options: Desired functionality is not available in existing SAAS solutions. Hence, the application needs to be swiftly rebuilt on modern technology, with additional features to make it future-proof.
  • Low value add of low-code platforms: Lack of flexibility around required customizations & UI, platform vendor lock-in, and costly run-time licenses.
  • Preference for solution on Google Cloud, as Hunkemöller is a GCP user.

Our solutions

  • Development of a cloud-native application including new functionality, on Google Cloud (GCP). Around 80% of code generated with Rappit application development accelerator. Remaining business logic added manually by developers.
  • Iterative prototyping of real app screens with early feedback from key users to refine the requirements. This prevents risks popping up at a later stage.
  • Functional modules developed include sites, contacts, fixtures, campaigns.


  • Modern and intuitive user interface, matching Hunkemöller’s branding.
  • New, time-saving functionality included, such as a user friendly way to mass-update store records via “drag and drop” and the ability to update existing data in bulk via spreadsheet upload and import.
  • Optimized for Google Cloud, with application data automatically synced to BigQuery for data analytics.
  • Seamless integrations with back-end systems, including SSO with Okta.

“I have never experienced this. A vendor that goes faster then we, and delivers within budget!”

Gordon Smit Global IT Director, Hunkemöller


  • Fast application rebuild: first module prototype delivered in <1 week, full application delivered in < 3 months.
  • 3x more economical development (cost and time) versus traditional low-code platforms or manual coding.


  • ROI of < 1 year, and 25% more efficient, due to intuitive UI, new functionality and cloud-native set-up.
  • Consistent retail experience: the new application enables Hunkemöller to provide a consistent retail experience across all of its 850 international stores.
  • Enabled for data & analytics, supporting Hunkemöller’s data-driven retail experience.


Hunkemöller is one of Europe’s leading and fastest-growing lingerie brands, with over 850 stores across 22 countries.

Founded in Amsterdam in 1886, the company has since developed into a pan-European omnichannel lingerie brand. Hunkemöller delivers perfect fitting, fashionable, and high-quality bodywear products. Hunkemöller is a truly omnichannel retailer and has integrated technology into every aspect of the business. The customer journey is at the heart of Hunkemöller’s strategy and has resulted in a seamless interaction between the physical and digital environment through its ‘click2brick’ initiatives.

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