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Rappit Developer is the high-productivity coding product for building enterprise business applications in Java and on Google Cloud.


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Why Rappit Developer?

Rappit Developer is the only high-productivity product that solves developers’ scarcity without vendor lock-in.

Vendor lock-in. While other low-code platforms increase their mandatory annual subscriptions
Yearly median pay for software developers
Expected global talent shortage 2030
In control
Faster application development

Built for professionals

System integrators

Empower your development team and get a jumpstart in developing Java applications, optimized for Google Cloud.

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System Integrators

Development teams

Rappit Developer is a perfect fit for companies with an IT team that develops custom applications for the business in-house.

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Development teams

IT business consultants

Rappit Developer is the product for business consultants that are looking to rapidly prototype software solutions for their clients.

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IT Business consultants
Rappit Developer Reduce software spending

Empowered by industry experts

Proven tooling developed by enterprise software experts. Rappit Developer is incorporating decades of experience in enterprise IT from the team that built Baan Company (ERP) and Cordys (PaaS).

Rappit Developer is used for rapid application development of dozens of advanced applications at scale by multinationals and SMBs alike.

Optimized for
Google Cloud

Rappit Developer generated applications allow you to use Google Cloud’s cutting edge technology:

  • Incorporating serverless products like Cloud Run.
  • Seamlessly deploying applications into your organization’s Google Cloud environment.
  • Enabled for fast start with Google Cloud Data & AI.

Customers benefitting from Rappit Developer

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The session duration is one hour: 30 minutes for Rappit Developer overview and core features demo, and 30 minutes to discuss your questions and project requirements.