Rappit Developer

Modernize legacy applications

Develop and deploy a modern application fast.

Rappit Developer - use the latest technology

Use the latest technology

Benefit from open and scalable cloud technology that is future proof.

  • Build on top of mainstream open-source technologies trusted by millions of developers.
  • Minimize technical debt. Keep your applications fresh with an always updated and open-standards-based tech stack.
  • Build for the cloud. Rappit Developer generates cloud-native applications, optimized for Google Cloud.
Rappit Developer - Integrate with your existing IT landscape

Integrate with your existing IT landscape

Rebuild and replace existing features incrementally with no disruption to existing business with REST API-based integrations.

  • Integrate into existing systems.
  • Enable new experiences.
  • Build a new application side-by-side with the legacy system, synchronizing data to keep both systems run in parallel. Sunset features step by step until you can discontinue the old system.
Rappit Developer - Design modern user interfaces

Design modern user interfaces

Provide applications with a modern UI that provide a great experience to users.

  • Provide a mobile-enabled, responsive User Interface.
  • Apply any layout, theme & corporate identity.
  • Add advanced User Interface as customization to the code generated by Rappit Developer.

Start your modernization journey!