Rappit Developer

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Rappit Developer is the product for business consultants that are looking to rapidly prototype software solutions for their clients. Upon prototype finalization, captured requirements are seamlessly taken up by a development partner for the development of the actual application.

IT Business consultants
Rappit Developer Reduce software spending

Build right the
solution faster

Rappit Developer facilitates the gathering of specific requirements, and allows the end-user to have hands-on experience. This reduces the risks in the project delivery, and provides an better estimation of the development cost of the solution.

System integrators - next generation application development

Collaborative prototyping between business & IT

The business consultants gathers requirements using the Rappit Developer design studio. Capturing functional details and creating working prototype screen designs with dummy data. This allows for validation of the solution with the users, before it the actual application is developed.

IT leaders

Application development supported by partner

After approval of the estimation for the application by your customer, the development team (Rappit or development partner) starts development of the application.

System integrators - without lock-in

Without lock-in

You completely own the applications built with Rappit Developer and there are no license cost for the number of end-users. This makes it particularly suitable for applications used at scale.

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