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Rappit Developer is a high-productivity coding product that enables business analysts & developers to accelerate the building of advanced enterprise business applications at scale in Java. The product facilitates smart requirements gathering and documentation, instant prototyping, code generation. You build it. You own it.

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You build it. You own it.

Starting with the requirements gathering process, Rappit Developer is used by a business analyst to capture all functional needs for your tailor-made application.

Taking this input, Rappit Developer instantly creates a working prototype in a single click, providing all the user interface designs to validate the application with the product owner. Rappit Developer then generates all the source code for the actual application, which, if needed, can be further extended and customized by a developer.

Allowing the business analyst and developer to jointly and iteratively work on the same application, the productivity gain is unparalleled.

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Design It

Capture requirements in the design studio

Rappit Developer provides you with a design studio to capture requirements related to the application. The design studio also facilitates the definition of the datamodel, including visualization.

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Prototype it

Create an instant prototype

Rappit Developer creates an instant visualization of the application based on the defined datamodel. Actual screens and navigation are shown instantly. This facilitates the feedback process with the businss teams.

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Generate it

Generate the application code

Rappit Developer generates the application code based on the datamodel and technology choices. Utilizing a technology stack of various open languages, frameworks and databases.

Rappit Developer - Customize it

Customize it

Add custom code in your own development environment

Rappit Developer allows for an easy export of the code. Developers now add their custom code in both front-end and back-end. Custom code is retained and not effected by any updates in the design studio (for example changes in the datamodel).

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