Here’s how it works

Rappit Composer enables enterprise business users and developers to rapidly build and run configurable mobile apps, workflows and integrations that boost productivity.

Rappit Composer - How it works - ship apps

Ship apps at the speed of your business

On the Rappit Composer no-code apps and workflows platform, your IT and business teams work together to build custom mobile workflow apps fast, for your unique needs.

Rappit Composer - How it works - Compose it

Compose it

First app, powered by no-code functionality

Rappit Composer allows business users to bring innovative ideas to life to automate processes by just dragging and dropping ready-made elements to rapidly configure apps and workflows according to your exact needs. Alternatively you can upload data from a spreadsheet, and based on an automatic extraction of the structure of the data from this spreadsheet, Rappit Composer will compose a working app for you.

Rappit Composer - How it works - Customize it

Customize it

Improved app, enabled by configurability

Quickly incorporate feedback, make iterations, and refine your app’s design in a few clicks. Rappit Composer enables users to easily configure and modify the structure of the data, the presentation elements, or the app behaviors and workflows with visual editors. Each of these changes is code free and instantly reflected in the app.

Rappit Composer - Developers - Custom Integrations

Integrate it

Connected app, facilitated by custom connectors

If there is a need to integrate the app into internal or external back-end systems, Rappit Composer integration capabilities allow for fast realization of custom connectors and API mappings to keep data in sync.

Share it

Downloaded app, easily made available

Make app available to other users. Either via the Rappit Composer app store or as a mobile app on Apple App Store & Google Play. If needed, multiple apps can be consolidated into one ‘container app’, to make it easy for the end-user. Process changes in the app as needed.

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