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Automate workflows

Outperform you competitors by rapidly automating unique business processes with no-code.

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Streamline processes with configurable workflow apps

Approvals, reviews and requests are tasks that are often still done with spreadsheets, emails or paper processes. Employees are looking for solutions to improve their productivity, with respect for unique business processes.

Automate processes with Rappit Composer no-code for custom workflow apps. Improve internal collaboration, approval processes, and productivity while automating workflows with custom workflows apps for all your organizational needs. Easily integrated into back-ends systems if needed.

Worfklow apps build with Rappit Composer

Employee onboarding app
Employee onboarding app screenshot (1)
Warranty claim app
Warranty claim app screenshot
Lease app
Lease app screenshot
Change request app
Change request app screenshot
Expense management app
Expense management app screenshot

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