Rappit Composer

Build, configure and run mobile apps in days instead of weeks

No-code platforms provide a lot of busines value, enabled by a balanced approach and teamwork between business & IT. Boasting a drag-and-drop interface, developers & business analysts are able to build, configure and run mobile apps in days instead of weeks. Developers use Rappit Composer to build advanced no-code apps & integrations while assisting citizen developers.

Rappit Composer is build for developers

No-code app

Drag & drop functionality to configure apps that can be adapted by the business.

Rappit Composer - Developers - no-code app
Custom integrations

Quickly build custom connectors and API mappings between core systems.

Rappit Composer - Developers - Custom Integrations
Advanced calculations

Configure formulas and options to display the fields on mobile.

Rappit Composer - Developers - Advanced calculations
Advanced workflows

Configure input mappings for web services and workflow steps.

Rappit Composer - Developer - Advanced workflows

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Simplify complex tasks and boost productivity with Rappit Composer micro apps. Streamline workflows like expense claims and work order completion across multiple systems.