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Empower your development team with high-productivity coding

Rappit Developer is a perfect fit for companies with an IT team that develops custom applications for the business in-house. Rappit Developer takes care of the heavy lifting, allowing developers to focus on the fun part. Built by developers for developers.

Development teams
System integrators - next generation application development

Faster time-to-market

Accelerate development of cloud-native applications. With Rappit Developer you prototype and build cloud-native applications in Java 4x faster. Enabled by efficient collaboration between business analysts and developers, and the ability to effectively add customizations by the developer.

System integrators - keep you developers happy

Keep your developers happy

Low-code platforms aim to engage ‘citizen developers’, offering a high level of abstraction and purely visual development. Rappit Developer takes a different approach, empowering business users and professional developers with a high-productivity coding product that quickly provides a prototype and generates a jumpstart of clean code that can easily be exported and customized further. Retaining the fun of coding in a familiar environment, and with Java, as programming language, that is used by millions of developers.

Rappit Developer Reduce software spending

Reduce software spending

Save money with a a cost-effective and transparent licensing model and future-ready technologies. Rappit Developer Total Cost of Ownership can be 5-10 times lower compared to using a popular low-code platform or SaaS application used at scale.

System integrators - without lock-in

No vendor lock-in

You completely own the applications built with Rappit Developer and there are no runtime license cost. This makes it particularly suitable for applications used by many users.

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Rappit Developer

Empower your development team to benefit from these best practices and get a jumpstart in developing Java applications.

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