What if… your core IT system lacks competitive advantage?

The challenge

As a manufacturer, we understand you are struggling to automate non-standard and dynamic business processes. This results in high license and maintenance costs, limiting your business growth.

At Rappit, we have a long heritage and deep expertise in manufacturing, be it discrete manufacturing, job shop manufacturing, or process manufacturing.

We work with multinational manufacturers as well as medium-sized production companies enabling their Industry 4.0 journey and making their employees, suppliers, customers and ‘things’ more productive.

manufacturing - modernize manufacturing technology

Modernize your manufacturing technology

Say goodbye to your lagging business processes, and optimize your enterprise core systems with futture ready enterprise applications in the cloud. With Rappit Developer – our high-productivity coding tooling – you accelerate the development of these advanced applications. This also included the back-end and front-end optimizations to scale for a high number of transactions and users.

Gain new insights from enriched data

Apply innovative technologies like big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence e.g. predictive maintenance and visual defect inspection. Make informed decisions quickly and easily by gaining new insights from data enriched from your ERP and other sources.

Improve your enterprise workflow with Rappit Composer, our platform for no-code apps and workflows. Read data from your back office system, accomplish your task quickly, and sync your data back to one of the underlying systems.

Streamline your manufacturing operations

Manufacturers must keep up with rapidly evolving technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) to remain relevant and competitive.

Rappit Undoc provides a competitive edge by automating the extraction and processing of data from various documents such as invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, and contracts. This automation reduces manual effort, speeds up processes, and minimizes errors, leading to more efficient operations.

Trusted by our customers

“We have selected Rappit as a strategic choice because of their expertise, comitment to quality, and agility in the Google Cloud service offering. We see this as a true partnership from both sides in which we can jointly build innovative solutions with quality and manage them in a professional way.”

Li-Lian Tan DevOps and Cloud Applications Services Manager, Solvay

What if… your 110,000 employees lack productivity tooling?

Rapidly developing 50+ tailor-made business critical workflow applications in domains like R&D, HRM, Finance, Q&R (since 2011). Delivering advanced applications with a a very low TCO, and adding innovative capabilities (like AI/ML) to them.

Success stories

NewPort Tank Containers

Building a tailor-made transport management system (TMS) that is intelligent and future-proof.

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Modernizing a legacy ERP to facilitate a retailer’s growth ambition.

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