Modernizing a legacy ERP to facilitate a retailer’s growth ambition

Omoda, in partnership with Rappit, transformed its legacy AS/400 ERP system into a modern, future-ready core platform for all operational domains. By leveraging Google Cloud’s data analytics and machine learning capabilities, Omoda is now equipped with a truly intelligent system, enabling it to achieve significant growth, both in revenue (+30%) and operational efficiency.

revenue growth enabled
reduction in mispicked orders
of orders processed on Black Friday, 3 weeks after go-live

Their challenges

  • Legacy: Omoda’s 15-year-old homegrown AS/400 ERP system, is a monolithic behemoth built on obsolete technology, that is inflexible and difficult to maintain.
  • Scalability & performance: originally built to process hundreds of orders per hour, Omoda’s system must now handle multiple orders per second during high-volume events and to accommodate the company’s growth ambitions.
  • Developer scarcity: Finding skilled AS/400 developers is becoming more difficult. Meanwhile, the need for swift and efficient software development grows ever more urgent.



  • Hampering new growth: The current system stymies exploration of new business models and offers meager omnichannel support. Its technological limitations obstruct Omoda’s ambitions.
  • Need for data-driven solutions: Omoda’s e-commerce ambitions are hindered by a lack of data-driven solutions. The system holds crucial inaccessible insights that could help with personalized recommendations based on past purchases.

Our solutions

  • As Omoda’s unique processes are not available in off-the-shelf solutions, it is necessary to develop a custom ERP to differentiate from competitors and take advantage of rapid application development.
  • Rappit, a trusted partner, is responsible for analysis, design, development, integrations, and project management of the new system.
  • Flexible architecture for the core back-end is developed on the Thinkwise platform, along with a Java-based hand-held scanner app for the front-end, which contributes to 30% of the total functionality.


  • The new ERP system has added new features such as Core Warehouse Management System (WMS), Purchasing, Order Fulfillment, and Shop Automation.
  • Data engineering services for setting up data warehouse and creating data pipelines from on-premises WMS to Google Cloud data warehouse. This allows combining marketing and logistics data to predict customer behavior.
  • Management and operation of cloud infra, including 24/7 availability, for Java-based applications, data lakes, and machine learning on Google Cloud.

“With the new, intelligent ERP system developed by Rappit in close collaboration with Omoda, we are now able to achieve double-digit revenue growth! While also realizing double-digit efficiency gains.”

Jan Baan CEO, Omoda


  • One team: collaborative development of a differentiating system with Omoda business, IT, and Rappit.
  • Enabling +30% revenue growth: the new system allows Omoda to achieve its growth ambitions through a scalable and intelligent system that supports its new omnichannel business model.


  • Double digit efficiency gains: thanks to more efficient operational processes, mispicked orders have been reduced by 40%, resulting in revenue growth with the same number of employees for Omoda.
  • Smooth go-live: processing tens of thousands of orders on Black Friday, 3 weeks after go-live.
  • Better customer experience: faster and optimized shipping of orders to customers.


Omoda is an innovative, high-end fashion retailer, with over 32 physical locations in the Benelux, and an online presence in most of Europe (accounting for 80% of revenue). The company sells trendy designer shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories for the fashion-conscious man, woman and kids, and employs over 700 people.

Omoda’s deep-rooted passion for fashion points back to a rich family history that goes back to 1875. Since 2007 the company has grown rapidly by opening more and more successful branches and webshops.

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