Building a next-level transportation
management system

NewPort Tank Containers is a leading, global, specialized tank container operator. Rappit helps NewPort to stay an industry leader by creating a tailor-made transport management system (TMS) that is intelligent and futureproof; it integrates procurement, fleet management, sales, operations & finance. The new TMS enables NewPort to stand out from the competition instead of following them.

users daily
reduced time sales and operations teams
transactions per week

Their challenges

  • Lack of competitive advantage; customizations in the previous system led to investments in a 3rd party product, which is used by many competitors in the industry.
  • Suboptimal decision making; the original process was based on human intuition and manual input, while the system itself lacked automation and insights. This resulted in a non-standardized way of working.
  • High cost of operation; many manual tasks were causing a lot of overhead with double data entry, resulting in extra costs for manual labour and data error.


    • Inaccurate data, urging the need for better reporting of (financial) figures, while adding intelligence. Data-driven intelligence and optimizations are needed to continue the growth.
    • A tailor-made solution was required. NewPort operates in a niche market, so off-the-shelf replacement of a transport management system was not available.
    • Unique way of working; as NewPort highly focuses on operational excellence, the system should not be generic but fully aligned to their unique processes.

Our solutions

  • Rappit digitized their complete transportation management process, by building a future-proof system that is tailored to NewPorts needs.
  • Developed from the ground up, delivering reduced licensing costs.
  • Used by 400+ users daily; one integrated core enterprise system for procurement, fleet management, sales, operations & finance.
  • Laying the foundation for advanced geofencing and tank monitoring capabilities.


  • User-friendly solution, simplifying complex jobs around quotes, delivery terms, vendors, routes, vessels, locations, lobs/activities, coastlines, documents, milestones, and billing.
  • Supporting the unique NewPort way of working door-to-door, port-to-port, and hybrid.
  • Integrated with NewPorts core systems like their ERP, accounting and route calculation software, a BI cockpit and their supply chain for vessel schedules.
  • Including Rappit UnDoc solution for digitization of invoice documents based on Google Doc AI technology.


“Rappit is not only a very skillful supplier and developer, but also a very good partner, walking the extra mile and providing world-class services across the world and around the clock. With their help, we have reduced processing time in our sales and operations teams by more than 50%, compared to our old system.”

Michael de Rijk CEO, NewPort Tank Containers


  • Stand out from the competition by using a unique TMS, rather than following a standard package.
  • Operational efficiencies; digitization of all critical processes allows NewPort to grow up to 50% within 5 years, without increasing the indirect costs.
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in using open source components as a foundation.
  • One integrated system for sales, procurement, fleet management, operations, and finance, integrating with suppliers and customers.


  • Reduced time spent; key processes take less time, learning time for new employees is reduced with more than 30%.
  • Real-time insight in operations, data, assets and finance (integrated reporting).
  • High performing system that smoothly processes over 1.5 million of transactions per week.

NewPort Tank Containers

NewPort Tank Containers is a leading global, bulk liquid, logistics platform, providing specialized tank container transport to both the chemical and food-grade sectors. Founded in 1995, the company aims to differentiate itself with high-quality equipment and excellent customer focus.

NewPort consists of a team of 480 employees worldwide, across their 22 owned offices, and ships more than 100.000 tank containers per year. NewPort Tank Containers has a global presence and an annual revenue of over 400 million USD (2021). NewPort Tank Containers strives to maintain its position as a leading, global tank container operator.

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